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TMS software for transportation companies

A modular transport management system (TMS) that enables carriers and freight forwarders to manage the entire transport process - from orders, to planning, scheduling, tracking and invoicing. You can link TAS-tms with other systems, such as document management, accounting, fleet management and EDI. Whatever your role, you can adapt this integrated transport management system to meet your needs, improve execution and increase profitability.

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What is your role ?




Are you sure all your business is invoiced?

Gain full visibility of planning, performance and profitability.

I'm the Owner/CEO
Head of planning

Head of

Head of planning

Is most time spent liaising with drivers?

Integrate your planning communication with status updates.

I'm the Head of planning
Operation manager


Operations Manager

Do clients always know what's happening?

Improve transparency and tighten control of your transport operation.

I'm the Operation manager



Bent u zeker dat alle activiteiten gefactureerd worden? 
TAS-tms biedt een volledig overzicht van de planning, prestaties en rentabiliteit.

Ik ben eigenaar/CEO
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This is what
Our Customers say

Kees in ’t Veen
Tank Transport

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How can you improve your business with TAS-tms?

Improve your service level and professionalism to your Customers.
Track & improve your profitability.
Get full operational & planning control.
Spend time with your clients & new prospects.
Don't wait 60+ days for invoice settlement with instant billing and payment tracking.


  • - Enhance service levels and professionalism

  • - Track and improve your profitability

  • - Spend more time with clients and prospects

Head of planning

  • - Instruct drivers with status updates

  • - Integrate with multi-user planning

  • - Do pre and post calculations

  • - Manage last-minute updates easily

Operations Manager

  • - Cut down administration time

  • - Track and improve your KPIs

  • - Avoid errors with a centralised system

  • - Monitor and secure your revenues



  • - Lever betere en professionelere service

  • - Volg de winstgevendheid
    op en optimaliseer deze

  • - Breng meer tijd door met uw klanten
    en potentiële klanten
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What's new


New Belgian road tax calculation:

• It is possible to calculate the road tax with the module PTV xserver. This can be done per file or per trip. These costs can then be kept as a sales line in the file. These costs can also be saved as an expense or purchase line on the trip. It takes into account the type of vehicle (Euro standard). The Belgian road tax charge is an extension to the existing toll cost calculation already present in TAS.

• Through the existing system price terms / pricing agreements of how the extra costs of road pricing should be applied per customer can be set in TAS. This if you want the road tax as a separate line on the invoice.

• If you want to change the transport tariff, that can be done via multiple existing systems. Then the tariffs are recalculated, and you can set the date from when they should apply (1 April). The road tax charge will then be added to the transport costs.