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Head of planning:



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Discover our transport planning system

- Too much time instructing planners and drivers?
- Do you look at multiple systems to find documents?
- Are last minute changes a headache?

TAS-tms empowers you with a planning overview. Look at your dashboard to see integrated plans and provide status updates to drivers. You can follow up on execution and streamline your team with multi-user planning. Order creation is simple and you can view and manage due dates. Retrieve documents quickly and manage last-minute changes with ease.

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Head of planning


Be fully agile in meeting customer demands and make smart decisions swiftly

• Follow up on execution and streamline your team with the multi-user planning

• Enabling pre and post calculation, easier order entry and management of due dates

• Manage last minute changes via the many parameters available

• Easily adjust to the specific needs and demands of a particular industry such as temperature field for Frigo; ADR special listing; Bulk with special pricing

Instant, accurate, no-nonsense communication with drivers

• Effective planning from your dashboard to see integrated plans and to provide status updates to drivers using connection to on-board computers, trip confirmation sheets, text messages or CMR printouts

• All planners can collaborate simultaneously in the plan board enabling; eliminating errors in communication

Plan freights, trips and trucks graphically and share the planboard immediately between your planners.

• Three-screen planning gives you constant, simultaneous, real-time access to all available information: a quick overview of ongoing orders, new offers, fleet availability and much more

• Quick and accurate post calculation on file, trip, driver and planner level

• Order creation is simple and you can view and manage due dates

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TAS-tms can help you with:

  • - Instruct drivers with status updates
    - Integrate with multi-user planning
    - Do pre and post calculations
    - Manage last-minute updates easily



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The TAS-tms transportation management system is a tool that supports owners, managers and planners in transport and logistics companies. It's an easy-to-use solution. CEOs, managers, planners and administrative staff can gain full visibility and control, increase profits and get paid on time. Every carrier and freight forwarder can benefit from transport planning,transport management and transport administration, integrated in one user-friendly modular system.