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TAS-tms supports all the challenges of TANK transport. You can manage standby trailer or warehouse on wheels and split truck and trailer activities. Get status feedback from onboard units and keep a clear view of costs and turnover. Integrated document management enables you to store and retrieve your document flow. With integrated complaint handling (important for your ISO certification), nothing is forgotten. TAS-tms also offers the potential to interface (via EDI) directly with your customers.

Advantages of tank transport


Keep your document flow in one place & integrate and track complaint handling

Potential to interface with customers directly & get status feedback from onboard units

Manage standby trailer or warehouse on wheels & split truck and trailer activities

View information at cost and turnover level


For the BULK & TIPPER transport industry, TAS-tms will make your operations swift and efficient. You can support standby trailer or warehouse on wheels systems and manage different pricing structures of your high-quantity commodity cargo. File adjusted to reflect the effective weight coming from the onboard unit.

Advantages of Bulk transport


Manage different price structures

Manage standby trailer or warehouse on wheels

Adjust to reflect weight in onboard unit

Pre and post calculation of orders

General FTL/LTL

TAS-tms supports successful FTL (full truckload) and LTL (less-than truckload) activity. The system makes it easy to achieve full capacity, arrange return loads and optimise empty kilometres. You can manage standby trailer or warehouse on wheels, and are able to split truck and trailer activities. Gain a clear view of cost and turnover levels and get status feedback from onboard units. No matter what the niche, from general cargo, refrigeration or car transportation, you can focus on meeting the demands of customers.

Advantages of General FTL/LTL transport


Optimise loads and kilometres

Split truck and trailer activities

Status feedback from onboard units

Any niche from refrigeration to cars


In the CONTAINER industry, capacity planning is key. TAS-tms makes it far easier to optimise containers and reduce empty running. There is integrated pre-advice at the container terminal and input TAR codes to improve processing and flow for transporters. You can add customs clearance points to enable smooth-running trips.

Advantages of Container transport


Optimise container placement

Reduce empty running

Integrated pre-advice and input TAR code

Add customs clearance points


The unique demands of EXCEPTIONAL transportation can be met more readily with TAS-tms. You can match up specialist loads with special trucking equipment and manage the process centrally. The integrated offer module enables you to send offers efficiently and transfers the offers in a file. Integrated scanning solutions with onboard units mean you can manage and store all your linked documents on the file.

Advantages of Exceptional transport


Match up loads with equipment

Assess profitability of offers

Integrate and transfer offers

Integrated scanning solutions


TAS-tms supports the management of INTERMODAL transport across road, rail, sea and air. As a powerful integrated central system, it supports the efficient combining and balancing of different transport capacities. You can manage standby trailer or warehouse on wheels systems, and easily add train and sea terminals for accurate planning.

Advantages of Intermodal transport


Combine transportation efficiently

Accurate balancing of capacities

For standby trailer or warehouse of wheels

Add train and sea terminals

Groupage / Distribution

TAS-tms answers all the needs of the GROUPAGE and DISTRIBUTION industry. As you face the challenge of making profitable combinations and managing flows, the system makes it easier with flexibility and automation. You can add multiple cross docks, combine multi-pick-up and multi-drop-off tours. Use the automatic planning tool to speed up your processes. A conversion tool takes care of chargeable weight and maintains accuracy.

Advantages of Groupage / Distribution transport


Manage time and route flows

Add multiple cross docks

For multi-pick-up and multi-drop-off tours

Conversion tool for chargeable weight

Freight Forwarding

If you're in FREIGHT FORWARDING, TAS-tms gives you the benefits of integration and automation. You can interface directly with Teleroute and manage your communications with hauliers and subcontractors. Provide status updates and link all documents related to each transport order. See an overview of the profitability, costs and turnover by customer/carrier/order, create clear reports and extract data in excel.

Advantages for Freight Forwarding transport


Simplify order entry and instructions & provide status updates

Interface directly with the Teleroute Freight Exchange

Communications with hauliers and subcontractors

Create reports on customers/carriers/profits


The TAS-tms transportation management system is a tool that supports owners, managers and planners in transport and logistics companies. It's an easy-to-use solution. CEOs, managers, planners and administrative staff can gain full visibility and control, increase profits and get paid on time. Every carrier and freight forwarder can benefit from transport planning,transport management and transport administration, integrated in one user-friendly modular system.