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Discover our logistics management software

- Are clients always asking for status updates?
- Is order creation and data input time-consuming?
- Do you lose track of CMRs and pallets?
- Get paid too late or not at all?

TAS-tms empowers you with a revenue evolution overview to track new and lost business. You can keep tight control of operations, track and trace consignments and find information immediately. A centralised system saves time, avoids mistakes and negates the need for multiple data entry. Don't wait 60+ days for invoice settlement with instant billing and payment tracking.

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Gain full visibility of new customers, offers and opportunities.

• Use standard or customized business intelligence reports extracting details from your daily operation to track your KPI’s

• Check your history of past business with a revenue evolution overview

• Easy cost calculations thanks to direct access to the complete cost and pricing structure of your company

• Satisfy your clients with fast updates for your clients on status and CMR with the Track&Trace module

Increase the output of your team with any time, anywhere access.

• Have a centralised system which saves time, avoids mistakes and enables 1 stop order entry

• No extra data entry for accounting purposes

• Track and trace consignments and find information immediately

• Connection to your CRM and ERP systems, enabling easy file creation

• Deliver data in clear, easily consulted reports in the form of lists, XML or Excel sheets

Invoice promptly, get paid on time and store documents centrally.

• Instant billing and payment tracking

• Improve your cashflow by up to 30 days with digital invoicing combined signed POD

• Connect to all existing accounting software systems

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TAS-tms can help you with:

  • - Cut down administration time
    - Track and improve your KPIs
    - Avoid errors with a centralised system
    - Monitor and secure your revenues


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The TAS-tms transportation management system is a tool that supports owners, managers and planners in transport and logistics companies. It's an easy-to-use solution. CEOs, managers, planners and administrative staff can gain full visibility and control, increase profits and get paid on time. Every carrier and freight forwarder can benefit from transport planning,transport management and transport administration, integrated in one user-friendly modular system.