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Tms Solution for Owners/CEOs

- Need to raise service levels and professionalism?
- Want more time for prospects and new business?
- Do you want central data and tailored reporting?

TAS-tms empowers you with a revenue evolution overview. You can monitor the performance of drivers and planners. See quick and accurate post calculations on file, trip, driver and planner level. Look at profit per client and support your decision making with detailed KPI reports. Timely invoicing and signed POD will improve your cashflow.

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Save time on execution, check profitability by clients/carriers and get paid on time

• Quick and accurate post calculation on file, trip, driver and planner level

• Improve your cashflow by up to 30 days with digital invoicing combined signed POD

• Know the OTIF per client and get the detailed KPI report per client

Manage any time, anywhere, with business information reports at your fingertips.

• Look at profits per current client and support your decision making with detailed KPI reports

• Check your history of past clients and past business with a revenue evolution overview to enable you to focus on the winners

• Handle all your upcoming files at a predictable profit by using the cost calculation and so make the right subcontract decision

• Enable different departments at your company to work with the same, centralized system, providing you with a complete overview

Give customers visibility of transport orders and gain a competitive advantage to win more business.

• Follow the status of every activity in the transportation chain

• On-board computers in your vehicles provides the actual data used to calculate the exact cost of transport, signal events, also when working with subcontractors

• Open TMS linked to FMS providers; DMS; and accounting systems so connect with your existing operational modules

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TAS-tms can help you with:

  • - Enhance service levels and professionalism
    - Track and improve your profitability
    - Spend more time with clients and prospects


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The TAS-tms transportation management system is a tool that supports owners, managers and planners in transport and logistics companies. It's an easy-to-use solution. CEOs, managers, planners and administrative staff can gain full visibility and control, increase profits and get paid on time. Every carrier and freight forwarder can benefit from transport planning,transport management and transport administration, integrated in one user-friendly modular system.